My new textbook is out now

Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice

Benefits of the book


Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice has three key benefits:

It is rigorous. In-depth reviews of the key areas of entrepreneurship research, n-chapter ‘assessment tips’ and ‘academic insights’ all make it easier to research and structure assignments.

It is relevant and modern. It uses the latest research, tools and techniques to practically help pitch and plan a start-up. Two workbooks and and practical in-chapter ‘Entrepreneurship in action’ exercises provide practical ways of learning about entrepreneurship.

It is accessible. It is written in plain English. Chapters begin and end with a summary of your learning. Concepts, ideas and activities are clearly explained. There are numerous in-chapter entrepreneurial case studies from across the globe that show key features of entrepreneurial practice.

Support for students


I have been teaching entrepreneurship for more than 20 years, in different countries, and to all types of students and entrepreneurs. 

I wrote Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice because I am passionate about students having a modern, fresh way of developing their entrepreneurial understanding and skills. 

My students would agree:

"It gave me important insights into how to develop an idea and new perspectives on starting up" (Diego, Chile)  

"This textbook fits seamlessly with entrepreneurship course content. It flows logically and is written in an engaging style, incorporating academic theory with concise practical guidance. Case studies are interesting stories that are thought-provoking and well distributed throughout, grabbing the reader’s attention. " (Anna, UK)

"This book has helped me a lot and let me have a deeper understanding of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship related knowledge." (Xieshiqin, China)  "Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice really helped me dive deeper into the theoretical side of entrepreneurship and was a fantastic resource to have alongside my graduate studies." (Mally, USA)

Support for educators


Despite our knowledge of entrepreneurship growing over the last twenty years, what has been missing is a textbook that successfully combines the research evidence with entrepreneurial practice. 

I found that in my teaching some some books are great reference guides whilst others focus just on the practice.  This is why I’ve written this book. I wanted to share with others a teaching approach that was research led and practice informed. I wanted to write a textbook that covered what we teach but in an easy to read accessible way for students. One the way, I have tested the book out on my students, with reviewers and other lecturers to get their feedback. I am grateful for all their support.

To help you, there are lots of videos that explain what the book is about, and offer teaching tips drawn from 20 years of experience of what works in translating entrepreneurial theory into practice for students.